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New update.

Short update.
Our BG's will now usually start at 19.00. Many have problems with night because of work, school or friends at night . 

- Fymo 

RBG's, forum activity and Champ team.

Its a fresh school, work year for many now. Some of our members started school now in August and this might affect (hopefully not) our RBG time. To try helping this we have set the time for RBG 19.00. We are aware that this

can cause trouble with hobbies for some, so we will have 50% of our RBG's at 21.00. We will always try make RBG's when the most people can show up. 

Forum Activity
the forum hasnt been used alot. Hopefully that will change and people will start making users and maybe post a few things. I will keep on spamming guild chat about the matter. 

Champ team.
This case is almost fitted and ready. We have a few problems with recruiting the right people but we're working on it. For the moment no champ rbg's will be set up. We have decided that alteast 15  members of the team before we can start doing some. If you think you are good enough for the champ team, have a chat with either Fymo or Exp. 

That all for today .
- Fymo 

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